20 Impressive Wooden Staircase Design

Wooden Staircase Design

Wooden inspirations are seen in many artistic and architectural forms. Structural integrity to accented details, wood is a material that can be seen through history. When building a home, wood is seen within the structure from floor to ceiling. In this article we are going to review a once standard design that has been brought to the next level. Impressive Wooden Staircase Designs can be seen in simplistic styles to elaborate essences. In the past, smaller set steps or ladders were commonly placed in homes. Lavish stairwells were gracious in the presence of particularly wealthier dwellings. If we look back through the ages, stone paths and stairs led the way. In the lineage of staircases, we have seen the design elevate through time while becoming a definitive design in our homes.

Stairs can be dressed up or left in its natural splendor. Wooden stains come in a variety of tones and hues. You can opt for a sleek high shine or a subtle and soft finish. Carpeting on stairs can add a vibrant accent to your steps while a well designed banister puts the finishing touches to the style. Below, you will find twenty images that will illustrate styles of wooden stairways that will make a lasting impression for your home. You will note the colorful cues and spindled designs that are brought together for a gorgeous and grand staircase design.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Houzz

A brilliant white staircase is matched with a sleek wooden finish. The landing between floors is graciously styled with memorable and decorative accents.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Pin IMG

This wooden staircase is lavishly ornate with immaculate engraved details and a rich wooden finish. In a Gothic and victorian tradition, this style is beautifully designed.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Architecture Art Designs

Widened modern steps are surrounding in a timeless brick setting. Black iron and a natural wooden finish is trendy and tasteful for a fashionable design.

Staircase Design

Image: Arch Daily

A clever stairway design  has a staggered effect set in a natural wooden appeal.  The elegant winding effect is a genius collaboration for an artistic approach.

Wooden Design

Image: My Old Country House

Alternating black and wooden steps are set with a white expression. The designer spindles are fashionably styled for a charismatic view.

Wooden Staircase

Image: Czmcam

A waving style is elegantly illuminated with lighting and a fresh wooden finish. The home is cozy and traditional with fine design.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Home Talk

Deep cherry finishes are paired with stark white trimming. The classic style is a seamless design that is perfectly inviting for your home.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Indulgy

Wooden and white stairs are set in a modern space. The ebony table and trendy accompaniments make for a wonderful way to style your staircase.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Inspirationde

Here we see an inspired appeal. The geometrical aspect of the style has a vertical view.  Widened steps and contemporary windows set the stage in an exemplary fashion.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: New Woodworks

A calico stair and wall design are refreshing in a tricolor pattern. The home is a scene of serenity with a modern point of view to the room.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: HGTV

A generous style is introduced with a rich and rustic wooden finish. The dual tones are a fashionable display that is a brilliant appeal.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Contemporist

A contemporary look uses dimensional aspects and visual cues while implementing their design. An artistic approach is truly inspired with wooden and concrete ideals.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: We Heart It

An illuminated design is set in a white surrounding with charming touches. The wooden stairwell is a fine display of a fashion for your home.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Remove and Replace

The brick walls set the pace while a cherished wooden finish is set with a black iron touch. The steps are stylish and modern lending a completed look.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Flickr

A home from a past era holds an arched entrance. The detailed curve of the banister are paired with a bright white surround for a lovely style.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Décor Puzzle

The horizontal balance of the window and stairwell divider has a two toned effect that offers a level of depth and charisma to the setting.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: South Shore Decorating Blog

This stairway is graceful with flowing drapes alongside for a lavish yet simplified style. The natural wooden finish is beautiful with marble flooring.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Divisare

A well stated stairway style has a fresh wooden finish and a white modern setting. Traditional stairs are a great way to enhance your home.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Home Adore

A rounded entry to the staircase is a gorgeous collaboration. The banister is intricate while  luxurious lighting creates a harmonic essence.

Wooden Staircase Design

Image: Architizer

This open concept has a natural finish. The slatted landing are charmed while paired with spacious flooring and details.

We have reviewed twenty illustrative wooden staircase designs for your home. The elegant touches and fashionable modernity holds creates an ambience in the room as grand or stated as you would like. Designers have showcased the stairway in your home with intricate details and refined touches. Wooden and white cues are an inspirational style, whereas deep enriched surroundings make for a delightful view. When updating your stairs you will want to decide on the banister. A block style or a charming structure will add a brilliant perspective to your home.

Taking your day one step at a time will be enhanced with your personal style that is finely displayed in your staircase. a grand design will make a lasting impression while creating an inviting sense to your design.

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